Used Car Warranty Edinburgh

Used Car Warranty - Why and Who is Paying for it? 

All our Used Cars for Sale in Edinburgh are CURRENTLY being offered with an UPGRADED FREE 6 MONTH Platinum Warranty from Momentum Warranties! UNLIMITED Claims can be made up to £600 per claim (incl of VAT) up to the original cost price of the car.

This Amazing Used Car Warranty covers ALL of the Car's Mechanical and Electrical Components. It also covers vehicles of any age and any mileage. 

No Excess payment applies and No parts/labour contributions are required when making a claim* 

Included is a FREE 6 MONTH Breakdown Rescue, and a FREE 6 MONTH No Fault Accident Assist Cover.

Call us Today on 0131 285 7507 to discuss your options or to talk to us about Extending your Warranty from 6 Months to either 12 or 24 Months - AT COST PRICE! 

(Direct from Momentum Secure Warranties!) This Fantastic offer is valid for a Limited time only. 

Momentum Used Car Warranty - What is Covered?

* Engine

Cylinder head, Rocker assembly, Cylinder block, valves and guides, Cylinder head gaskets, Cylinder bores, pushrods, cam shaft and cam followers, ECU, EGR valve, inlet manifold, dual mass flywheel and ring gear, intercooler, pistons, piston rings, hydraulic lifters, inlet and exhaust valves, crankshaft, crank bearings, oil pump, conrods, small end bearings, big end bearings, inlet manifold, timing gears and chains, valve springs, valve guides, auxiliary shafts and bushes, distributor drive and distributor drive gears (excluding sticking or burnt valves and oil leaks)

* Turbo Charger

Bearings, shafts, impellers, waste gate and valves.

* Gearbox

Gears, torque converter, clutch and brake bands, oil pump, shafts, bearings and bushes, valve block, governors, synchromesh hubs, selectors, shafts.

* Aircon

Compressor, evaporator, drier, fan motors and condenser.

* Cooling System

Radiator, heater matrix, heater motor, oil cooler, water pump, engine thermostat and housing, viscous fan.

* Electrical System

Starter motor, Alternator, shafts, bearings and bushes, voltage regulator. Window motor, engine management unit, mirror motors, ignition coils, electric ignition, wiper motors, washer motor, thermostatically controlled cooling fan motor, speedometer head, horn, headlight motors, central locking motors, convertible roof and sunroof motor, voltage regulator, sensors including O2, parking and nox sensor.

* Fuel System

Carburettor, fuel injection pump, fuel lift pump, metering unit, air flow meter, low pressure supply pump, injectors, choke, fuel injector governor, fuel shut off mechanism, hydraulic or electrical injection timing mechanism, high pressure fuel metering head, manifold boost pressure compensator, brake vacuum pump, glow plug relay, altitude compensator.

* Clutch

Release bearings, pressure plate, friction plate, clutch fork, master cylinder, slave cylinder.

* Braking System

Master cylinder, servo, wheel cylinders, callipers, vacuum pump, motor and sensors, ABS pump and sensors, brake bias/restrictor valve.

* Steering & Suspension

Steering rack and pinion, power steering box and idler box self-levelling suspension, power steering unit including pump, compressor and control unit, road springs, shock absorbers.

* Casings

Consequential damage to casing caused by the failure or a covered component will constitute part of the total claim (within the stated claim limits).

* Additional Cover

Diagnostics. Please see T&C's for full cover details and exclusions under the above headings in your choice of product from Momentum Warranties Limited

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